About Aphrodite
Divine Confections


Located in Garland TX, our facility produces Place & Bake products including Gourmet frozen cookie dough, Filled Frozen Cookie Doug Togas, Dessert Bars and Squeeze & Bake Batter. We also manufacture private label products for nationally recognized franchises, hotels, fine restaurants, and caterers.

We at Aphrodite Divine Confections promise to use only fresh, top-of-the-line ingredients. We promise never to use preservatives or chemical-tasting additives. Our products will never have a false or store-bought taste. Every aspect of quality control is carefully supervised so we may ensure perfect, homemade delights hot from your oven, quickly and easily, every time.

We are dedicated to providing fine products and are committed to helping you. We will show you how to properly prepare and present our temptations to your customers. We promise to maintain efficient service. Equally, we will share how our products can help increase your profits. (Simply stated, our confections will easily help you make those important repeat sales.)

We really want your business. One of our staff will be delighted to come to your location so you may compare our products with those you're currently serving - even to your own homemade ones. We are confident that you won't find better tasting products anywhere else.