All-Natural Place & Bake Togas™

Our scrumptious Togas (filled pastries) are perfect to wow your customers all day long. Your patrons will be enchanted forever as they bite into each heavenly flavor. Serve alone for an on-the-go breakfast or plate as an elegant dessert, this irresistible experience is sure to bring your customers back for repeat sales.

Blueberry Sconsant Title-Full-sRGB EDIT.jpg

Blueberry Lemon

Brimming with blueberries this classic pastry is paired with a lemon-y cream cheese filling and drizzled with a delicious glaze. This unique fruity combination is so berry good!


Cinnamon Toga

Cinnamon Pastries have never tasted so good. This scrumptious, cream and cinnamon sugar filled pastry drizzled with oh-so-yummy glaze, is bursting with deliciousness.

Cranberry Sconesant - Front.jpg

Cranberry White Chocolate

Tart cranberries coupled with a sweet white chocolate cream cheese filling create a rapturous blend of flavors. Adorned with a wondrous glaze, this pastry is heavenly perfection.

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Pineapple Macadamia

Coconut, macadamia nuts, pineapple, white chocolate and cream cheese filling make a tiny island paradise in the palm of your hand. A perfect glaze is our ultimate icing on the cake. Le’ale’a!


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