Gourmet Place & Bake Cookies

Your customers will be drawn by the aroma of freshly baked cookies and their incredible experience, even after the last bite of any of our premium cookies, will guarantee a repeat sale.

AN Macadamia White Choc.jpg

Macadamia White Chocolate

This cookie, made with tropical roasted macadamia nuts and creamy, white confection chunks, is perfect with a cup of coffee or espresso. Mmmm-mm.

1001 Coconut Pecan.jpg

Coconut Pecan

Sweet flaked coconut and Texas pecans, swirled together for an extraordinary flavor, make one nutty combination. A little sweet and a little nutty, this is no everyday average cookie!

AN Sugar.jpg


Pucker up for a delightfully sweet kiss; exactly the way a sugar cookie should be. This classic favorite is full of traditional goodness that you can’t resist.

1003 Cinnamon Sugar.jpg

Cinnamon Sugar

Hand Rolled in Sugar and silky Cinnamon Spice makes this cookie so nice! Delightfully crispy and great for dunking too! This sweet little number will win you over the first bite.


Chocolate Chip

America’s most popular cookie through the years. One of our favorites also, every mouthful is bursting at the seams with semi-sweet chocolate. This is the perfect cookie for anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

1006 Peanut Butter.jpg

Peanut Butter

Savory peanut butter chips and creamy peanut butter make this bake sale favorite rich, smooth, and yummy-y!

Red Velevet 6.jpg

Red Velvet

Our take on the Scrumptious Southern Favorite Red Velvet Cake is delightfully satisfying made with rich white chocolate and cream cheese.

1009 Oatmeal Raisin.jpg

Oatmeal Raisin

Made with a very special blend of Oats, every mouth-watering bite is full of sweet, plump California raisins and complemented with a delicate dash of cinnamon.

WG Double Choc.jpg

Double Chocolate Chip

Dark, lavish, and sweet we dare any chocolate lover to resist this all natural chocolate treat! Chocolate on top of chocolate + chocolate chips = chocolate perfection.

Chocolate Chip Pecan -aRGB.jpg

Chocolate Chip Pecan

A winning combination made with the full flavor of southern pecan pieces and deep, rich chocolate. Oh, so good.

1015 Lemon.jpg


These delicious cookies are light and fluffy with an added touch of lemon. This all-time summer favorite is a great treat for a picnic lunch or a pool-side snack, and is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

1016 MM PartyEdit.jpg

Party Cookie

The life of the party, this festive sugar cookie is covered in candy-coated chocolate confetti pieces. Share these cookies to pass on a smile!

WG Cranberry Walnut.jpg

Cranberry Walnut

Oh, what wondrous cookie should appear when we mixed cranberries, walnuts, and a little cinnamon? Our all natural Cranberry Walnut cookie - a little flavor miracle!

Pumpkin Puff.jpg

Pumpkin Puff (Seasonal)

We can’t imagine Autumn without the aroma of this tasty harvest cookie wafting through the kitchen. Pumpkin, macadamia nuts, vanilla, and just the right amount of spice!

Raspberry White Chocolate.jpg

Raspberry White Chocolate

The sweetness of raspberries and the tartness of cranberries make one delicious pair, but we didn’t stop there. This cookie is even better with the delicious macadamia nuts and white chocolate chips that we added for good measure.


Cherry Jubilee

Chock full of cherries and White Chocolate with a touch of sweet molasses, vanilla, and almond. This luscious whirl of flavor will make your taste buds glee. It’s a cherry jubilee!


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