Squeeze and Bake Batter

Our batters are a confectioner's dream come true! It's easy to create delightful mini-loaves or bake up adorable tea cakes. Make full-sized cakes such as sweet breads, cream cheese rolls, coffee cakes, etc, and don't forget the muffins!


Blueberry Experience

Experience the sweet taste of fresh blueberries crammed into every bite of this old-fashioned favorite. This yummy treat will always keep your patrons returning for more.



Guaranteed jump-start your day, a perfect combination mocha cappuccino and chocolate with just a hint of vanilla. This will put some jazz in your step!


Banana Ana Nut

Muffins, mini-loaves, teacakes, coffee cakes, and more! Simply revel in the wonderful homemade aromas that you get while baking these confections.


Cranberry Orange

Have your taste buds doing flips over this tangy and sweet blend of cranberry and orange flavors. Add fruit fillings or spreads and make muffins, morning sunshine loaves, coffee cake, cake rolls, and more.


Hawaiian Dreamscape

Need an escape from everyday? This is a dreamy pleasure that won't disappoint. Discover the unique flavors of pineapple, coconut, and macadamia nut.


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